Roy's People Art Fair Supported By GreatArt

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Bargehouse, London | 1st-4th NOVEMBER 2018


Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s People Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Angelika Millmaker


I am a Norwegian artist, and the essence of my work is rooted in the colours and landscapes from Scandinavia and the traditional simple design of Nordic art. In the high northern latitudes, the sun bathes the landscape with light, coloring the sky with luminous shades of dark purple, deep blue and subtle crimson. The Scandinavian landscape comes alive during the long summer days and light nights of the midnight sun, and then becomes majestically silent as the autumn colors fade into the white snowfalls of winter. This quality of light gives colours a brilliance that is rarely found in other regions. The difference between the cool, cold almost whitish blue winter landscape and the bright colors of summer is very inspiring to me, and many of my paintings are characterized by bold contracts between colors, textures, shapes and light.

My work is contemporary abstract art ranging from big motives and bold colors to subtle, white washed images of a snowy pale winter day. A pink sunset or the fragile, unselfconscious beauty of a flower are examples of images which are blended together to create an abstract form of beauty. Although my paintings are never a direct translation, it may be possible to trace the pure white light of a winter day or the vibrancy of a flower in a variety of unexpected ways. Departing from a single vision from nature my paintings try to show her inner mechanisms and vitality not represented by appearance, but by the emotions these visions create in the viewer.

Every day different images in the world around us create a wide range of impressions and fragments in the viewer. I believe the absorption of these different images and contents connect and become part of our own energy and create unconscious changes. The language of art can transcend the individual human experience and continue to make a positive impact on our lives and as an artist I hope my paintings will evoke emotions of movement, growth, vitality and change