Roy's People Art Fair Supported By GreatArt

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Bargehouse, London | 1st-4th NOVEMBER 2018


Here you can find information of each artist who will be showing at the next Roy’s People Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.

Amber Booth


Within my practice I am interested in extracting and interpreting elements of nature, moods and atmospheres in creative and visual ways to form ‘sculptural paintings’. I explore texture, layers and embrace temporality – any short-comings, mistakes and accidents are incorporated into the evolution of the components and thus the whole, making the work more interesting and completely individual. There is no desire or ability to replicate these chance happenings, which echo the entropic decay of open systems. This places my work in contrast to the stasis found in closed systems which, for me, are the antithesis of nature.

The use of discarded and reclaimed materials is an important element of my practice. There is a transgressive and cathartic feeling released by using abandoned and discarded materials, giving them a new lease of life and purpose within a reimagined context. This creates a new freedom and joy in the materials and has moved my practice on to focusing on the found and recycled substrate that I now consistently use as the basis for my paintings and sculptural work. I have a fascination for subverting the perfect forms of the recycled support materials (cardboard tubes, packaging materials, fluted cardboard etc) so creating new forms that must support each other to remain whole.

I have been inspired by Anselm Kiefer and Phyllida Barlow who both use recycled and found materials on a huge scale and whilst there is a commonality between their materials, the intent and outcome are very different. I enjoy the playfulness that Barlow brings to her materials as opposed to to the weight of history and suffering conveyed in the materials selected by Kiefer.

I want to immerse and transplant the viewer into another space, into something foreign and yet strangely familiar. Through the exploration of textured surfaces and layers the viewer is challenged to recognize and reappraise familiar aspects of their world. My ambition is for my work to be immersive and encompassing, transporting one to a moment, where order hangs on the edge of entropic chaos. I want it to be pervasive, decaying and cloying whilst also offering a space of calm and to provide a place for contemplation and reflection.